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My attempt to back-blog the CDT while trying to beat the snow through Colorado and then writing my Master’s thesis failed (obviously). Now that I’ve finished that and school (!!!) I’m finally trying to finish the story before the next one begins.

Yes, you heard. Or read. I’ll be hitting the Pacific Northwest Trail in the upcoming weeks and have begun preparing for that with some much needed gear updates and whittling down my “post-thesis to-do list.”

The most common conversation I’ve had since finishing my thesis with friends, family, and random people met along the way, has gone along the lines of this:

Someone: Now that you’re finished with grad school, what are you going to do?

Me: I just moved back into my car and I’m going to go hiking.

Someone: So, you have a job lined up for after your hike?

Me: No. I haven’t thought about what I want to do after hiking.

Someone: Where do you want to go to get a job?

Me: I just bought a van to live in when I’m not hiking. I’ll figure it out when I get there.

Someone: So…no job?

It’s really getting close to being as old as the “are-you-going-to-carry-a-gun-when-you-go-hiking?” conversation. (The answer to that is no, by the way.)

Until the next adventure begins, please enjoy and/or comment on the story continued from last fall where I left off in North/Central Colorado to the Mexican border.

The San Juan Mountains: coming up!

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