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We stood by the highway at 7am with our thumbs out to try and get into Lander. We had just showered three days ago at Big Sandy Lodge, but we hadn’t done laundry in about 7-8 days since Jackson.  Desperately wanting clean socks, we thought we’d give it a try. If we didn’t get a ride in 45 minutes, we’d walk to South Pass City where we sent boxes to the historical landmark and see if we could yogi a ride from there.

About fifteen minutes in shivering in our puffies, a truck with a horse trailer pulled over.
Dude: “I figured anyone trying to hitch from that middle of nowhere place was probably pretty desperate.”
Memphis: “Yeah, we need some laundry pretty bad.”

I jumped in the backseat, a dog jumped on my lap, and my feet rested on a big ass rifle. Fox News played on satellite radio, the back window didn’t exist, and our ride talked about the fires from “that California state” and how his cattle were doing.
We got dropped off at a place to eat breakfast where a road biker asked us how to set up his tent among other questions.

Finding the laundromat, I changed into my trash bag rain skirt and scarf made into a shirt. I meandered next door to ask the NOLS base if we could take showers and they said yes in an hour after the student group that had just returned went through the showers.

When we did come back with clean laundry, they hooked us up giving us towels to use and soap for free.

Next on the chore list was to charge electronics. Read: find a brewery to drink beer that also has outlets.

Now this is when the day turned into a trail magic extravaganza day. Lannie, one of the equestrians who gave us the delicious burrito trail magic a few days prior came to hang out and drove us back to the trail to get our resupply boxes.  Barely making the South Pass City store hours, we ran to get our boxes. Just as we opened them, up walked Scout! Frodo pulled in right behind him.

Scout: “We’re going to Atlantic City to eat at the Minors Grubsteak with Das Boots, wanna come?!”

We were in, Lannie was in, and we headed over there and found Das Boots. E.D., Memphis, nor I had met Das Boots before and I didn’t realized that Das Boots was not one, but two Germans, both wearing boots. They were the first people I’d seen wearing actual boots on the CDT.  The eight of us had a great dinner there despite Yogi’s rant against Atlantic City. Your guidebook is wrong once again, Yogi…

There was no cell signal there, but there was wifi and Memphis emailed Jetta, who we had met at Big Sandy Lodge.  Jetta offered to let us sleep on the porch or the living room floor and we took her up on her offer. Jetta gave us all baths with epsom salt, then rubbed our feet down with some homemade herbal concoction that smelled wonderful.

It was a wonderful day of magic!

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