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My attempt to back-blog the CDT while trying to beat the snow through Colorado and then writing my Master’s thesis failed (obviously). Now that I’ve finished that and school (!!!) I’m finally trying to finish the story before the next one begins.

Yes, you heard. Or read. I’ll be hitting the Pacific Northwest Trail in the upcoming weeks and have begun preparing for that with some much needed gear updates and whittling down my “post-thesis to-do list.”

The most common conversation I’ve had since finishing my thesis with friends, family, and random people met along the way, has gone along the lines of this:

Someone: Now that you’re finished with grad school, what are you going to do?

Me: I just moved back into my car and I’m going to go hiking.

Someone: So, you have a job lined up for after your hike?

Me: No. I haven’t thought about what I want to do after hiking.

Someone: Where do you want to go to get a job?

Me: I just bought a van to live in when I’m not hiking. I’ll figure it out when I get there.

Someone: So…no job?

It’s really getting close to being as old as the “are-you-going-to-carry-a-gun-when-you-go-hiking?” conversation. (The answer to that is no, by the way.)

Until the next adventure begins, please enjoy and/or comment on the story continued from last fall where I left off in North/Central Colorado to the Mexican border.

The San Juan Mountains: coming up!

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Finally, the countdown has reached single digits.  I’ve been scurrying around making last minute preparations, getting the first three mail drops together, and generally eating as much non-trail food as possible.  Basically: pies, pizzas, chocolate chip muffins, lemon poppyseed scones, beer in glass bottles, and the like.

The other day, I laid out all my gear that I plan to take to make sure I had everything.  Of course, I was missing a thing or two.  I did realize that my swiss army knife was so caked with muck that I needed a pair of pliers to get the knife and scissors out.  It’s currently on day four of soaking in a solo cup full of CLR.  I may have accidentally and inadvertently killed some potato/roly-poly bugs in the process of ignoring the toxic smelling cup of CLR outside by the porch.  I’m getting to be a bad vegan…damn.

Another plus of laying all the gear out, packing it up, then laying it back out is that it gives me the opportunity to take out the stuff I think I need, but don’t really need.  Like that extra shirt.  It looks cool, but I don’t need it.

As per usual, I’m trying a few new pieces of gear out for this hike.  The big one being my new ULA Epic pack.  I’m sick of my stuff not being fully waterproofed because those rain covers that REI sells for $30-40 suck or my trash bag liner got in a fight with my spoon.  The ULA Epic uses a river dry bag as the pack.  You can see it here…expect I dislike the color yellow, so it’s bright orange…like my alma mater, SYRACUSE.  Woot.  Bring it on rain and large river fords.




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As the previous post gave away, I will be starting the CDT (Continental Divide Trail) going sobo in mid-June of this year, 2015!

Most of the motivation to go south is that I need to finish this semester of grad school.  I’ll then take next semester off.  I’ve been getting a lot of shit for going the “wrong way,” however it’s getting me more excited.  Most (if not all) of the nobos have already started this year and their pictures are making me jealous that they get to start sooner.  While I’m waiting for some of the snow to melt in Glacier, I’ll be hanging out on the beach in Washington.

I am ready to embrace the brutality and get a firm kick in the ass!


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